Life coaching focuses directly on identifying what you wish to achieve in the present and future. I can help you identify manageable goals and set tasks you can undertake to achieve your goals. I tend to use a combination of enquiry, diagrams and exercises, to help you understand problem areas and identify ways to overcome them. 

If you are highly motivated and the problems you face are practical, relationship or career concerns, coaching can be very effective.

Coaching can be limited in its ability to help you tackle more deep rooted problems. Coaching training does not cover the influence of our past history  and therefore. The problem here, is when you do not understand the value of a problematic habit fully, you tend to keep on using it, even if you don’t want to. Where coaching alone can fall short, counselling and psychotherapy can provide that extra help, to understand and get through stubborn problems.

As a Therapist, I discovered the best approach to helping people make the changes they want in their lives, is to use a combination of life coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. I find this to be a more flexible and powerful way to help you effect more lasting change, than can be achieved through a single therapy approach alone. I believe each individual has a unique way of learning and it is the therapy that needs to be tailored to the individual, not that the individual should adapt to the therapy approach.

Coaches and counsellors are similar because of the following:

  • both coaches and counsellors want to help you find create a life you feel better about

  • they both create an atmosphere of trust, non judgement, and support

  • both help you identify what is holding you back

  • both counselling and coaching focus around good listening and asking you good questions

  • both counselling and coaching help you to be more resilient

  • they both want you to find your own answers that work for you

  • both coaching and counselling can help you identify and work towards life goals

  • they work to help you move forward in your career, relationships, and home life

  • both help you with identifying core beliefs and changing your perspective

  • they both have the goal of helping you reach your potential

  • coaches and counsellors both encourage self-discovery.

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